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Should The G8 Be In Charge Of Education, Sustainable Development And Humanitarian Services

Posted on July 5, 2019 in Uncategorized

Should the G8 be in charge of education, sustainable development and humanitarian services in the Developing world?

Lessons in life come via formal and informal education, while formal education by most is valued as a human right it can also be utilized to train and develop partakers into self-sufficient contributors and participants towards the development of sustainable societies. Many others take education for granted and use it to spread general and even useless knowledge. Education must be taken seriously to protect Human Rights and enhance peace and sustainable environments in developing societies. Since there are immediate troublesome conditions throughout the world, and especially in developing states in Africa, one must deeply consider what role formal education can play to hasten holistic development of the people towards bringing solutions to conflicts. Many of the G8 nations have been the caretakers of the developing world for at least the last century. Although this time has proven to be quite successful for most of the developing nations, has there really been any measurable success for African people? Has there been measurable success for poor people? And not to unfairly place blame, has anyone besides the G8 even taken the interest or responsibility to find solutions to help educate and assist development in poor countries otherwise?

These strong European and American alliances are the foremost leaders in education and development across the globe. They are creators of most of the religious, social, economic and political organizations that provide programs and services that assist developing nations and they work together to provide humanitarian support to developing peoples throughout the world. Yet, ironically, these European partners are also among those since the beginning of the slave trade in the 1600s, 1885 and beyond that have combined resources to trigger colonialism and neo-colonialism, and setting up bureaucracy that has played a very significant role in the under-development of African states as well. For centuries, this leadership has gathered valuable resources from especially Africa and from other developing nations in South America and had utilized both human and natural resources to service their own national interest and drive their economic and technological development. If in truth this is a historical fact about the history of our leaders, then have our leaders evolved to be good stewards since the active practice of enslavement, apartheid and colonialism? Have they become willing and able enough to create educational services, and social welfare systems that can empower those they once sought to dominate?

A brief ‘stroll down memory lane’ will allow us to remember the roles that our leaders have played in crimes against humanity. Hate, racism, greed, and having little regard for the human life of poor peoples are some of the human dis-eases recognizable as the causes of both the exploitation and genocide of African related and other peoples. Certain systems of domination were implemented by most of the G8 governments that severely exploited human rights. One such exploitation existed in slavery. Slavery is a system noted by the United Nations Human Rights Charter, to be a severe violation of human rights. Although many of the G8 nations have offered formal apologies for enslavement of humans there had been no reparations or solutions to the poverty that slavery and apartheid and colonialism created, given to most of the people that have suffered and chiefly those of African descent.

These African related people are themselves not respected by other nations and thought to be abusers of themselves and indifferent, and are among the same populations that present in large numbers as the impoverished and needy. On the other hand, since there has been no formal display of remorse to show respect for life in their behalf and no sentiments that seek to replace or rejoin families that were separated. And are there any sincere activities by leading governments to make amends for land, possessions or lives lost for those enslaved or exploited? Has there been a real effort to provide reparations for the lost of life, dignity and human rights? Additionally with no formal activities to address the trauma that these certain groups experienced for generations, is there any wonder how serious social problems including poverty might prevail among those with former slave, apartheid or colonial experiences?

And finally, some ask, how can the same Leaders who appear not to support the reparation of crimes against humanity perpetrated on specific peoples seek to bring other leaders of countries to justice for similar atrocities, RE-SURFACE as the teachers and healers of those same societies and the world? It is possible that governments do have remorse and seek healing from somewhere to learn how to show respect for people they once hated or abused. But let’s ask the Afrikaners, if they have healed from the system of Apartheid in the last 20 years, where suddenly in the last 20 years almost 70 percent of the cases of HIV are in Africa, with the most cases in South Africa. Why are these Black African populations suddenly the most infected with HIV, and they appear not to thrive specifically? Could there really be a plan of genocide targeting specific people to gain their resources? I pray genocide in 2007 is not a reality, but if this is the case, human-kind and particularly those who stand up as global leaders are still terrible offenders of Human rights and need serious support in their recovery.

But maybe the same religions that were used to enslave Africans and others are working towards the healing of man-kind and can mend the dis-respect for life that caused exploitation and crimes against humanity such as slavery and genocide? Maybe the government and leadership of yesterday active in committing crimes against humanity did eventually want to rectify human dis-eases that caused exploitation and so they produced a document that would eventually manifest justice as created in the Declaration of Independence of 1776,

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness….But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. —

When the initial colonies wanted freedom from Britain their aim was to create a government that would protect human rights and they themselves were champions of liberty. Today have Americans lost sight of the initial purpose of America—to protect Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness for all men? Since most of us really have faith in life and Liberty it is certain that many would like to support the protection of the quality of life that our constitution as human, as opposed to animal stands for. We do not want to believe that there are leaders operating in 2007 who no longer care about protecting this quality of life. It appears that something has gone astray from the initial declaration of Independence that greatly supported the protection of Human rights and the happiness of mankind?

Consequently, some are not very confident that leading governments want to be successful in providing human services or champions of peace. Certainly, the last 50 years had not hosted a global environment of peace and security to warrant success. Even less than 40 years ago, numerous martyrs were assassinated and imprisoned in the name of human rights and development or peace: remember, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Patrice Lumumba and Kwame Nkrumah just to name a few. In more recent history Leaders in the African-American community are still arrested or detained for unifying their communities to enhance the quality of life of economic development: remember Yahweh Ben Yahweh who was arrested and detained from 1990-2007. It is thought, he was arrested just because his community became economically sustainable. This happened in America. It would appear that government leaders in today are not in the business of supporting education systems or services that support the development of leaders that seek to protect human rights, at least this proven to be the case for African related or poor people specifically.

If this is so, can the G8 or other super powers be supported in their lead especially in sustainable development programs and global peace for Africa or elsewhere? Can they continue to take charge of programs and services that are established to protect human rights if their evaluation is not good?

The European alliances through religious missions or programs are the foremost providers and pioneers of services to humanity and continually raise money to serve and protect the needs and wants of developing peoples especially. Consequently, they have had the most potential to champion human development and the peace process. They have been the Global leaders in developing systems in Education, Health, Economics, Social Welfare, Business and Commerce and the pioneers in implementing related programs, services and activities across the globe. Certainly they have been successful in protecting the human rights of some, but it is also evident that they have not supported the sustainable development of Africa. Maybe they need guidance to direct their Human development and Education to insure a better progress for African-related and poor people in the future.

A look at recent history reflects that they need support in providing effective programs or services to Africa specifically. The protection of Human Rights in the last 50 years in Africa shows little progress in peace and sustainable economic development. A 2005 UN Human Development magazine about Africa reported 70 percent of the worlds HIV cases were in Africa alone and 27 percent of the worlds Refugees came from Africa, while Africa only contributed to being 10 percent of the world population. If the G8 have been in charge of Education programs in Health; Peace building and conflict management, then the amount of Refugees and bad health alone reflect little progress with government programs to support peace or human development and education in Africa.

Maybe Government leaders need others to help them with their health education and global peace and conflict management programs because something has gone astray from the intention of American Founding Fathers. We as consumers have a right to direct our support to programs and services that can better relate to the Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness for all people it intends to serve. There are other leading agencies that can lay the foundation that will protect and service the rights of all humans in the future, which are usually non-governmental and have a genuine interest with no strings attached for human service. Governments in the business of Human Rights and protection should carefully review the Declaration of Independence and restructure to effectively champion Life; Liberty and pursuit of happiness for the good of all humanity. The specific target of groups of human beings for genocide or exploitation is a crime against humanity.

For those whose rights are continually and maybe even unintentionally disrespected, a Champion must arise to help open the door for non-governmental agencies to save innocent people and provide some immediate relief. Many will benefit and many more warrant the protection of their human rights, but targeting those in the most distress in a beginning. Every life is precious even though it appears that poor or people in developing countries are taken for granted. This makes it obvious that Governing bodies need assistance with their global peace and development objectives, especially when they try to serve the poor. The wars that exists today in Africa and the Middle East do demonstrate the lack of progress of super powers in protecting human rights and being real champions of peace.

While there is respect for our powerful leaders some guidance is needed in education and social affairs so that meaningful servicing of Human rights can progress. Non-governmental agencies can better support developing peoples with no strings attached.

The Health, Political, Educational and Economic Roles of The Graphic Artist

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The Graphic artist is a visual communicator whose roles is quintessential in the areas of health, politics, education and economic advancement of a society. These unique duties are clearly discussed to show how effective any artist taking up this role can perform his responsibilities in the society.

Health Roles

The health personnel and workers are identified through the dress that they wore. The various medicines that they administer are nicely kept in well-designed packages to protect them from spoilage. The hospitals and clinics where patients are cared for are a product of contemporary African architecture. The hazardous chemicals, safety tools, and equipment used by the health personnel in discharging their duties are clearly labeled by him to avoid wrong applications and injury. Comprehensive instructions on how to use the medicine given at the health centres are clearly written on the attractive labels attached to their containers designed by him.

The health education which involves sensitizing the general public on deadly diseases and how to prevent them is done through communication tools such as posters, banners, flyers, and handbills etc. The locations of these health centres are made easy through signboards and billboards.

Political Roles

The activities of the various political parties in the country are made possible through the use of works by the Graphic designer. For instance, the emblems and logos with distinguishing colour schemes that help us to distinguish one political party from the other are as a result of him. Moreover, each of the parties makes the general public know of their plans for the nation as well as their campaigns through the use of posters, banners, signboards signposts, flyers, handbills and billboards which are all works of art. What about the locations to the various party offices? Is it not as a result of products done by the Graphic artist? In addition, the various T-shirts, caps, and other paraphernalia that party activists and supporters put on during political rallies and meetings are all products of art. In fact, without the products by him, political activities cannot be carried out.

Educational Roles

Teaching and learning activities in the various educational institutions are effectively carried out by the use of visual communication products. The uniforms and costumes that are worn by students that bear the emblems and logos designed by him help us to identify students of the various educational institutions. The numerous colourful and illustrative teaching aids that assist greatly in teaching and learning activities. School programs and locations of schools are broadcasted and made known to the general public through products such as banners, signboards, posters, and billboards. Other products like books and other stationery materials affect the teaching and learning processes directly. Announcements, school programs, and general information are made known to students through graphic communication tools such as posters, banners, handbills etc.

Economic Roles

Graphic design products are traded to earn income. People invest in the collections of works of art. The field of Graphic design also offers various employment avenues for members of the society such as Book Illustrator, Poster designer, Package designer, Cartoonist, Graphic animator, Stage designer, Printmaker etc. More importantly is the role Graphic design plays in the success of other trades. It helps in the marketing of products and services. Locations and other relevant information of firms and companies, as well as the products they produce, are nicely depicted on signboards and billboards. Posters, handbills, and flyers assist in the promotion of sales of products.

Cottage industries that help in reducing the unemployment numbers in the country are promoted and preserved through productions in Graphic design. Setting up a cottage industry in the area does not require a lot of capital when compared to other sectors like medicine, agriculture etc. With the acquired manual skills, together with few locally manufactured tools and raw materials, the Graphic designer can produce several creative works that he can sell to make a living in his own house. This helps in reducing the unemployment rates in the country.

Seven Good Reasons to Work With a Health Coach

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Health Coaching is a new model for total health and wellness in the individual. Health Coaching is not something you only do when you are sick. Health Coaching is about optimization of human potential and has a philosophy of ever expanding possibilities. Health Coaching recognizes that there is an innate intelligence within you, an inborn wisdom that governs all healing, function and repair and that the purpose of all health and wellness practices is to remove interference to this intelligence so your body can heal itself. The 7 good reasons to work with a Health Coach below will outline clearly how you can reach that state of health and wellness in your life right now.

1. You need to be held accountable.

As children there is always someone there to make sure we’re doing what we’re supposed to. As adults, we’re supposed to be able to do this for ourselves. But what if we can’t? What if we keep making other things more important than our health and well being and not moving forward? A health coach can help by checking and asking the right questions and by being a gentle reminder to keep you moving toward your health and wellness goals.

Also, in most traditional models of seeing a health practitioner, we tend to see that person as an expert – they know more about our body than we do and they can tell us exactly what we need to do to get better. This system encourages us in a sense, to place our health in someone else’s hands. We are no longer responsible, the health practitioner is. We are not really accountable, the health practitioner or the pills they told us to take are. In health coaching, you are the best and only expert on you and the only one qualified to know if something will work or not.

2. You want to get your health and well being on track once and for all

Far too many of us have joined gyms or started a diet in the past feeling initially excited only to watch our enthusiasm drain away a few weeks later. We can feel disappointed with ourselves, with the money we’ve wasted and with the lack of results we’ve achieved. Things change, our responsibilities change, time we have available changes and our health and wellness goals. What is it that’s stopping you from committing to a path of improved health? A health coach will help you figure out those answers once and for all and help you find real-life solutions that not only work for you but keep working for you in the future.

3. You know what you need to do be healthy but you just can’t seem to stick to the changes

So, it’s not a question of good health education – the majority of us understand clearly what we need to do to stay healthy – eat lots of fruit and veggies, minimize red meat, exercise regularly and don’t smoke or drink too much. Simple right? Why aren’t more of us doing it then? Before we make any changes in our life we need to agree with the changes, they need to be congruent with our values and they need to make sense in the context of our lives.

4. You struggle with being overweight, are always dieting or otherwise don’t feel good about the way you look.

Being overweight is an issue that affects many Australians. It damages our health and damages our self-esteem. Here, a health coach will help you find your way amidst the huge amount of conflicting information available and keep things as simple as possible – no “diets” just a good look at the way you see, value and use food and how that impacts the amount and types of foods you eat each day.

5. You can’t seem to find or make the time to eat well, exercise regularly or take time for yourself

What’s really going on here? What issues are holding you back from giving yourself what you need to be healthy? Most of us are crazy busy and challenged with “not enough” time but is that the real issue? A health coach will help you identify your personal priorities and find a way to work in your health and wellness goals so you can keep on doing what you want, when you want.

6. You’ve been diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, a stress related condition or some other chronic disease and you want to discover other treatment options available to you.

You’ve had the wake up call. Your body is sending you messages loud and clear that something needs to change. A health coach will help you identify options, alternatives, complimentary treatments and educate you more on conventional approaches so you are well informed and can make the best decisions possible for your health.

7. You have “an addictive personality” and make changes only to find yourself slipping back into unhealthy choices or behavior patterns

Addictive behavior patterns, food addiction and drugs and alcohol can sabotage completely our attempts to make lasting changes in our lives. Health coaching sessions will educate, inspire and support you to deal with these tough issues so you develop all the skills and knowledge you need to create and maintain a life of vibrant health and well being free from addictions of all kinds.

As those of us who’ve had a serious wake up call know, health is the most important thing in our lives – without it, nothing much matters.  Unfortunately, too many of us wait until it’s too late to make changes to our diet and lifestyle. 80% of people in Australia die of “lifestyle diseases” like heart disease, complications of diabetes and many forms of cancer. Can you afford to wait til something’s broken to fix it?

Health coaching is not something you only do when you’re sick. It will help you find your way to better health and well being. After all, you are the best (and only) expert on you. By asking the right questions, providing education and real-world experience we’ll look at alternatives and discover new ideas, possibilities and ways of looking at your health. We’ll help you find what works in your life right now without slipping back into negative eating, exercise or behavior habits. You choose the lifestyle changes, you set the pace and you discover just how good it is possible to feel!